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Добавлено: 26 февраля 2021, 05:49

Professional forging machine "Master-universal"

2 577 /штука
Близнецов Михаил Михайлович
,  Заречный (Сверд), RU
на Флагма с 8 февраля 2019


Professional forging machine "Master-universal":
• Save budget and work space.
Functional of 3 machines in 1: classic cold and hot forging + decorative texture + production of a strip from round bars;
• Works with profile and round pipes with a cross-section up to 50 mm, solid rolled stock with a cross-section up to 25 mm.
• 15 types of decorative rolled products.
• 8 types of crow's feet, peak, balusters.
• 3 types of tight curls.
• High performance. Minimum tool change due to double-sided working area.
• A single working module "3 in 1" (Working unit + Power gear + Reduction drive) provides increased power and reliability, high efficiency, low noise and no vibration.
• Wide functionality: longitudinal twisting (making "torsion", "cones-baskets"), spiral curling (curls, monograms, volutes). rolling (arcs, arches, rings with a diameter of 400 mm or more), cold and hot forging (legs, spikes, balusters), applying decorative textures to a profile pipe, circle, square, strip, making a strip of a circular section. Maximum operations with minimum equipment.

Номер объявления: 22963
,  Заречный (Сверд), RU
на Флагма с 8 февраля 2019

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